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Summer League Schedule Posted - June 20th Start

Summer League

Summer Session starts June 20th!
Team Makeup: No more than 5 players on roster. Minimum 3 players required to play (without forfeiting games). No more than 1 A-Flight player on a given team, that includes subs!
*NEW* - Sub Slot Rule Change- Starting for Summer '17- Teams will no longer need to PAY FOR SUB-SLOT! Each team captin will see the Sub-Slot on their roster. This will allow teams to fill the open spot on their team, as per existing BADL team rules, with an available substitue. HOWEVER, the sub slot can only be used if the team is missing enough rostered team members to be short the three(3) players for that night.
EX: For summer, if you only are able to have two(2) of your four(4) member team available for a match, you can use the "Sub-Slot" for that night to play with the minimum three(3) required to compete the match. 
If you are able to get three(3) out of your four(4) members you CANNOT USE THE SUB SLOT to fill a 4th member, because you are only need three(3) to compete that night. 
Subs can help out on multipule teams throughout the summer as they are needed, but will not accumulate stats or accolades, even as a BADL member. 
The updated A/B Flight classifications have been updated on
Match games: 3 Singles Cricket & 3 Singles 501 (each worth 1 pt), 3 Doubles Cricket & 3 Doubles 501 (each worth 2pts) and 1 Triples 701 (worth 3pts)
Player Cost: Free for paid 2017-2018 Members. Non-members not permitted to play. (Sub-Slot Players Excluded)
League Membership Fee 2017-2018 - $25
Sponsor Cost: $50 - Per Team  
**Summer Playoff Eligibility - Participate in 4 of 9 Regular Season Matches** (Subs are NOT Playoff Eligible)
This season we will have 10 teams. Each team will play each other once.
The top 8 teams will make the playoffs, and the playoffs will last 3 weeks at the conclusion of the regular season. The playoffs will be seeded and follow a standard tournament bracket. 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, etc. The higher seeded team is always home. (EX: 1st place vs 8th place, 1st place team is home)
The summer score sheet can be downloaded and printed from

*New* BADL Blind Draw Announcment!!!


We're Moving the Blind Draws to Wednesday nights!!!


Starting this month, Wednesday June 21th, The BADL and Our Bar will be hosting our new MONTHLY Blind Draw Schedule!


Sign-Ups will begin at 7pm the blind draw to start at 7:30pm

$10 buy in with 100% pay-out.


Optional Triples Jackpot will be available with NEW ticket options:

3 for $5

8 for $10

20 for $20


Our Bar will also be offering:

$6 single order of Chicken Wings

$3 Fireball shots


As well as Drink Chip Awards for:

High Outs: 100+ finishes on '01 Games

4 Bull+ in Cricket Games


SUMMER BLIND DRAW SCHEDULE  (More dates to follow)


June 21st 

July 19th

August 16th


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BADL Travelers Standings Now Posted

Standings will be updated periodically, and can be found here

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