2016-2017 Banquet Information

Thank you for another successful year. Once again this year we will be holding the members banquet at the Kenmore Knights of Columbus on Kenmore Ave. The date will be Saturday May 20th. Open bar opens at 7pm

More details to follow, but the cost will once again be $20 for members (who pay prior to May 17th) and $35 for guests.

Members $20
Name of Member(s)
Guests $35
Name of Guest(s)

Week 7 Postponements

Due to the stormy weather today, we will be adding a makeup week after week 10 for any postponed matches.


Tuesday April 11th can be used for makeup matches, and playoffs will begin Tuesday April 18th. All postponements must be completed by Friday April 14th.


Speak with your opponents about tonight's matches. You are not compelled to postpone, but will not be penalized for doing so. But, you must complete the match by Friday April 14th

2017 Winter Season Information

The league will start next Tuesday the 31st, with the last regular season week April 4th There will once again be 3 divisions, with a total of 6 teams in each division. Within each division you will play everyone twice (10 week season)

Everyone will make the playoffs, with the top 2 teams having a bye in the 1st round. Playoffs will begin April 11th, and run for 3 weeks.


As we have mentioned previously, the BADL has partnered with DartConnect this season to allow those interested teams the opportunity to use the web app for scorekeeping. With our league integration, teams and rosters will be viewable on your tablet, for your division.

While use of this system is not mandatory, I can assure you the speed of the matches and stat tracking will be much easier. You will still be required to maintain the match sheet, and enter on the BADL website, but the DC match report will provide a great backup and reference tool

Some pre-requisites for hosting a match on your tablet is to create a guest account (if you're not already a member). Most likely the email address I added to the DC league setup is the email address you are receiving this email notification.

I have added all of the captains, and many of the players I knew about. I did not have email addresses for everyone. When you are using the app, if the player list has an envelope icon next to the name, an email address has been entered. If not, you can click the icon and add the email address.

Please take the time to watch all of the videos about using DartConnect. Pay special attention to the Season Pass Overview

From experience, a 7" or larger tablet is recommended for the best visibility during the match. FYI...decent 10" tablets are available for around $100, however the quality of the tablets varies greatly, so do your homework if you are going to buy one. I've recently purchased a refurbished iPad 2 for around $110, and that is an ideal tablet for this use.


B1 Division
Blarney Castle - Jerry Lewandowski III
Brew Pub 1 - John Tommasulo
Delway 1 - Grant Swados
Our Bar 2 - Dave Skorupski
Talty's - Tom Sciarrino
Williamsville Bar 1 - Jason Broome

B2 Division
Checkers - Dan Sullivan
Delway 3 - Keith Kanowski
Gabels - Rob McElroy
Our Bar 1 - Tony Mantione
Slick Willie's - Bill Evers
Sneakers - Jeremy Leo

C Division
Casey's Tavern - Nicole Bauer
Dandelion's - Mike Foster
Delway 2 - Mike Skeels
Founding Father's - Lance Friedman
Grand Island Moose - Andy Barbasch
Our Bar 3 - Cory Waldhauser

BADL News & Notes...There's even talk about free beer

************* Holiday Blind Draw & Social *************

Event open to 2016-2017 BADL members (free) and their guests ($15)

We are hosting a blind draw dart tournament at Our Bar on Tuesday December 27th. Registration will be open from 7:00pm - 7:45pm sharp. Draw will start at approximately 8:00pm.

$10 entry fee for the blind draw. Format and payouts will be determined once we have a final number of participants.

The league will be providing free domestic draft beers and chicken wings for members.

The league will also be adding a minimum $100 to the blind draw payout purse.

We hope to see many of you there. Please forward to your teammates, as we may not have everyone's email address.

************* Playoffs *************

B1 & B2 Divisions

B1 & B2 playoffs will start next Tuesday December 6th. The higher seeded regular season team for each match hosts all matches. The first team to win 9 games wins the match.

All 6 teams make playoffs. Modified playoff.

December 6th, teams finishing 1st & 2nd have a bye. 3rd place will host 6th place, and 4th place will host 5th place.

December 13th, the 1st place team will host the lowest remaining seeded team remaining, and the 2nd place team will host the remaining team.

The Championships will be held on December 20th at the highest remaining seeds bar.

C Division

C playoffs will start Tuesday January 10th.The higher seeded regular season team for each match hosts all matches. The first team to win 9 games wins the match.

Top 4 teams make playoffs. Standard playoff bracket.

January 10th, 1st place will host 4th place, 2nd place will host 3rd place.

The Championship will be held on January 17th at the highest remaining seeds bar.

************* DartConnect *************

Many of the teams in the Summer League and current C division, have been using the scoring web app DartConnect. This app is used on a tablet, and allows for much faster and accurate entry of matches. In addition, the app will email participants the match report, which includes the all-stars recorded for each player.

While basic functionality of the app is free, there is a per team/per season fee to configure the app for league use. This includes loading all teams and rosters, identifying the games played, etc. The league has secured a discounted price, and will pay for access for all teams out of the Winter bar sponsorship fees.

The app will run on most tablets, and a tablet holder is recommended to hang the tablet. The league has also secured discounted pricing on the official DartConnect hangers, which are very well designed and thought out for this use. We hope to have available for sale at the holiday blind draw.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the product at www.dartconnect.com

************* Winter Season *************

The Winter season is tentatively slated to start on Tuesday January 31st, and last approximately 10 weeks.

There will be a concerted effort to bring back the A Division, with a modified format which will allow for matches to be played with a minimum of 3 players, a strict 4 person cap on the roster, and additional games added. This division will not have any restriction on the number of A-Flight players on a team.

If you as an individual, or your team would like consideration for the A Division, please let us know ASAP. We will require a minimum of 4 teams to have this division, and will work with all interested parties to put together balanced teams as much as possible.

2016 Fall Season Is Here...

Welcome to the 2016 Fall Season. This season we have 19 teams. 6 in B1 & B2 Divisions, and 7 teams in C Division.
The two B divisions will play a 10 week regular season, playing each team within their division twice. All 6 teams will make the playoffs. The top 2 seeds, will have a bye the first week of the playoffs, and there will be 3 weeks of playoffs total.
Like the 2015 Fall season, the C division will play a 14 week regular season, playing each team within the division twice, and each team will have 2 bye weeks. The last regular season week will be January 3rd, 2017. There will be no matches scheduled Tuesday December 27th. The top 4 teams in C will make the playoffs, to begin January 10th, and the championship the following Tuesday, January 17th.
The schedule has been updated on the website. To balance the issue of bars with multiple teams, and other scheduling snafus, some teams may have 3 consecutive weeks at home, or on the road.
We are modifying the league dartboard policy. For teams requiring a new league board (due to wear and tear), they must turn in their old league board to receive the new one. As new locations join the league, or for other events that arise, it is beneficial for the league to have some used boards available.
Please check the stats website, to make sure all of your players appear on your roster. If they do not, please let us know ASAP, so we can add them. Also, if you need a password for the stats site, please let us know.
1) The order players are listed on the sheet, is the order they must throw. However, any player listed for that game can shoot for the bull
2) Lineups are submitted blind. You may not view your opponents lineup, and try to match up

2016 Fall Season

The 10 Week Fall regular season will begin September 27th and run through November 29th, with Playoffs to follow.


We ask captains/members to confirm if they will be returning for the Fall Season and provide playing location and rosters. The sooner these details are confirmed, the sooner we can guarantee your teams's entry into the league.


Once again, the makeup of a team's roster must conform to the player rating system. Please review the player list and policies found here. If there is enough interest, we will create an Open A division, with no player rating restrictions. We must have a minimum of 4 teams for the A Division.


Rosters can be emailed directly to the league, and membership dues can be paid here. You must be a paid member to participate in any league activities.

Summer League Championship - August 30th at Founding Fathers

(6) Founding Fathers vs (7) Williamsville Bar 1


Come on down to watch the finals.


Matches played at higher ranked team's location.


Playoff match format is the same as regular season, and winner is first team to 11 pts

Summer League

Summer Session starts June 14th!
Team Makeup: No more than 4 players on roster. Minimum 3 players required to play (without forfeiting games). No more than 1 A-Flight player on a given team, that includes subs!
The updated A/B Flight classifications have been updated on www.wnybadl.com.
Match games: 3 Singles Cricket & 3 Singles 501 (each worth 1 pt), 3 Doubles Cricket & 3 Doubles 501 (each worth 2pts) and 1 Triples 701 (worth 3pts)
Player Cost: Free for paid 2016-2017 Members. Non-members not permitted to play.
Sponsor Cost: $50
**Summer Playoff Eligibility - Participate in 4 of 8 Regular Season Matches**
This season we will have 9 teams. Each team will play each other once, and each team will have a Bye week. This will result in a 9 week season, each team has 4 matches home, and 4 matches away.
The top 8 teams will make the playoffs, and the playoffs will last 3 weeks and be played 8/16, 8/23 & 8/30. The playoffs will be seeded and follow a standard tournament bracket. 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, etc. The lower seeded team is always home.
The summer score sheet can be downloaded and printed from http://www.yourleaguestats.com/darts/badl/downloads/2013.Summer.pdf

ADO Qualifier Saturday June 11th

As members of the BADL, you are granted membership into the American Darts Organization (ADO). In addition to sanctioning tournaments around the country, the ADO holds 4 national events, with winners of Regional events receiving travel expenses/stipends to the National events. Our Regional Qualifiers are typically held in Syracuse.
As a way to subsidize the $110 entry fee into the Regional Qualifiers, the BADL holds local league qualifiers to send representatives to the Regional Qualifiers.
On Saturday, June 11th at 11:30am at DELWAY, we will be holding a pre-qualifer for Non-A Flight BADL members to earn their way into the main event at 2:30pm. The cost for the pre-qualifier is $10 per person. You may not participate in the pre-qualifier if you are identified as an A-Flight player on the following list http://www.wnybadl.com/player-ratings/
The format will be determined once the amount of players registered is finalized. The only game played will be 501 (SI/DO). For every $25 in entries collected in the pre-qualifier, 1 player will gain entry into the main event qualifier, which costs $25 per person. (If there are 5 players in the pre-qualifier, the top 2 will have there entry paid into the main-event qualifier)
The format for the main event will be round robin. At 10 or more entries, players will be split randomly into 2 groups. The top 2 from each group will advance to a Finals group, where they will play 3 legs against each opponent. Top 2-3 players will earn entry fee into next ADO Regional.
The winner(s) of the main event will have there $110 entry paid into ADO Regional Saturday June 18th at 11:30 am in Syracuse at the Polish American Citizens Club. 
Any member may pay the $110 entry fee directly the day of the Regional should they wish to participate

Player Ratings Published Here

FALL 2015 Updates

The league has begun classifying players as A-Flight or B-Flight. Using the last 2 years data (which will be rolling moving forward), we have calculated a rating factor based on Total All-Star Points divided by Total Games played. These designations were created to ensure competitive balance within the B & C Divisions. The list of players in each group will be displayed on www.wnybadl.com soon.
A-Flight Player (75+)
  • May not play/sub on a B Division team where another A-Flight player already exists on that roster. In other words, only 1 A-Flight player on a B Division team.
  • May not play/sub on any C Division team
B-Flight Player (40 - 75)
  • May not play/sub on a C Division team where TWO B-Flight players already exist on that roster.
Divisional Balancing & Divsional Placement of Teams
  • Deeper investigation into the entire makeup of a team's roster will contribute to which division the league places a team for competitive balance.To clarify, if your team has 2 B-Flight players, and 3 non-classified players, it does not mean your team will automatically be in the C Division.That just means your team would not be in violation if placed in the C Division. The league will continue to place teams to accommodate balanced schedules, without breaking the A/B Flight rules above.
There is also 1 minor rule change we will implement for this session. In cases where a team is short 1 player, that team will continue to forfeit 1 singles match per singles set. However, when playing in doubles games, the offending team will declare prior to making the lineup, whether they will play 2 of the 4 games "light" (1 player vs 2 players) OR forfeit 1 of the games, and play full-strength the other 3 games.

BADL 2015-2016 Fall Season & Beyond...

We hope everyone had a nice summer, and enjoyed being a member of the BADL last year. The BADL Membership period will run from September 2015 through August 2016. Once again membership will be a one-time fee of $25, and entitles members to participate in Fall, Winter & Summer seasons (at no additional cost), earn BADL Travelers Points, attend ADO qualifiers, receive seasonal awards, purchase banquet tickets and other members-only benefits.


You must pay your one-time $25 membership fee prior to play in ANY of the aforementioned seasons or to receive any of the member benefits.


Saturday Sept. 12th 7:30pm - 10:30pm @ Our Bar -- Members Meeting (formerly Captain's meeting)

We invite ALL 2015-2016 BADL members to attend this informational meeting, to pay for 2015-2016 membership, submit rosters, pay $75 Sponsor fee & inquire about any league activities. For members paid-up through the Sept. 12th Members Meeting, you will receive COMPLIMENTARY Domestic Draft Beer and Chicken Wings. As time permits, a blind draw will follow.


Membership can be paid at the Sept 12th meeting, or anytime HERE


Tuesday Sept. 22nd -- Start of Fall season


***Discussion Notes***


1) Classification of "A" players, and formation of Open Division in addition to B & C divisions.
With multiple seasons of data captured on our league stats website, we have the ability to dive into the stats and determine those players that have clearly proven they play at a high level in our area. In addition to "known players" without league stats, there will be limitations on these players participating in the B Division, and disallowed from participation in the C Division.


2) Your new volunteer BADL board of directors has brought exciting new events to players in the last few months, and plan to continue running events and giving back to members in the form of adding cash to blind draws, and/or providing complimentary food and drinks for members who actively participate.


3) Previously we let you know about the BADL Travelers program implemented this summer. Please re-familiarize yourself with the program HERE
**Remember, points can only be earned by active members, and points will be reset to 0 with a lapse in membership**


Please email the league at BuffaloDarts@gmail.com for ALL inquiries

2015 Summer League Results

Congratulations to our Summer League Champions Dome Stadium who defeated Delway 1 12-7 in a highly contested match!


Summer League Regular Season Awards


1) Mike Pembleton (61) Dome Stadium

2) Brandon Schroeder (57) Dome Stadium

3) Louis Morreale (54) Dome Stadium



1) Mike Pembleton (8837) Dome Stadium

2) Louis Morreale (4754) Dome Stadium

3) John Fleck (4612) Delway 1

BADL Travelers Standings Now Posted

Standings will be updated periodically, and can be found here

Summer League Information

There will be 8 teams participating, out of 8 different locations, including a new team/sponsor Dandelion's in Amherst. In addition, Dome Stadium in Tonawanda is returning to the league to sponsor a team. The schedule has been posted online. You can access the stats website via www.wnybadl.com.


Please look over your rosters online to ensure accuracy.


*We need confirmation from Electric Avenue and Dandelion's of your rosters*


Summer League Notes:
- Start time is 8:00pm in the summer
- There are 13 games in a match, with singles games worth 1pt, doubles worth 2 pts and triples 701 worth 3 pts.
- Total points awarded in a match is 21 pts.
- Scoresheet is available for download/printing on the stats website
- Each team will have 5 home games, and 5 away games
- With 8 teams, everyone plays each other once, and 3 teams twice
- Effort was made to not have too many long streaks of home and away matches, but with this amount of teams, and the short season, some streaks are inevitable. Please look over your schedules to confirm you have 5 home and 5 away
- The top 4 teams after 10 weeks will participate in a 2 week playoff to crown the summer champions


Best of luck to all shooters!




The BADL is proud to bring you a Blind Draw Tournament at Resurgence Brewing Co. The Blind Draw will be held Sunday June 14th with sign ups beginning at 12:00 and the tournament starting at 1:00 p.m. The tournament will be best 2 of 3 double elimination and the entry fee will be $10. 

For those of you who have never been to Resurgence Brewing before, you are in for an awesome time. Resurgence produces top quality craft beer and their outdoor patio makes it a great place to hang out in the summer. For more information on Resurgence you can visit resurgencebrewing.com.

We are hoping to make this a great event that helps the game of darts grow in Buffalo. Come out and bring your friends and be prepared for some awesome beer and great darts. 

         Important Dates Can Also Be Found At Our Events Page Above

  • Tuesday 5/26 -- Summer Captains/New Player meeting @ Our Bar 7:30. Casual darts to follow

  • Thursday 5/28 -- Weekly double-elimination Blind Draw every Thursday during the summer @ Sam's Delway. Registration 7:00

  • Saturday 5/30 -- Start of BADL Travelers Points Program!

  • Saturday 5/30 -- Members Only $25 ADO Qualifier @ Our Bar 12:00 sharp.

  • Tuesday 6/2 -- Summer Rosters & $50 Bar Sponsorship Fees due

  • Tuesday 6/9 -- 1st week of Summer League!

  • Sunday 6/14 -- BADL hosts $10 double-elimination Blind Draw @ Resurgence Brewing! Registration 12:00pm


The BADL will be starting a Summer League to begin Tuesday June 9th

The Captain’s Meeting will take place at OurBar on Tuesday May 26th at 7:30 p.m.
Please bring your Darts and we will splash some games after the meeting

If you are prepared with your Team Roster please remember to include only two “A” players maximum to form your 3 person team. You may play with 4 if you so choose.

Your current BADL membership includes the Summer League play
New members to the BADL may join for the Summer only for $10 
there will be a link to PayPal on the website as well as a Bar Fee link for $50 soon

If you are looking for a team please come to the meeting and throw some games.
This is a great introduction to the exciting world of Steel Tip Darts

The format will be the same as last summer which everyone enjoyed
The scoresheet will be available on the site soon

The length of season will be decided depending on the number of players

Form your teams and bring your friends for some Fun Summer Darts


Congratulations to this season's Winter 2015 playoff champions.

B1 National division:  Delway 3 (1st) beat Delway 1 (2nd) 9-5
B2 American division: Brew Pub 2 (1st) beat GFY (2nd) 9-7
C-division:  Gabels (2nd) upset Talty's (1st) 9-8
Hope to see you all at the banquet on Friday, May 8th.  If you haven't already purchased your ticket, please see your team captain or contact the league at buffalodarts@gmail.com.  Tickets are $20.00 if purchased by April 24 or $30.00 if purchased after April 24.


Next Tuesday, March 31, 2015, is the first week of the winter playoffs.
As soon as all the scores from last night's (week 10) matches have been entered on the stats site, the Combined B-Division will be split back into two divisions like last fall. The top five teams will become the B1 Nationals, and the bottom five teams will become the B2 Americans.
The top three teams in each of the two B-divisions will have a bye next week, March 31.  The top two teams in the C-division will also have a bye.
The bottom two teams in each of the two B-divisions, and the bottom four teams in the C-division, will all have play-in rounds next week, March 31.
After the play-in rounds, there will be four teams remaining in each division.
The following week, April 7, is the semi-finals for all three divisions, and April 14 is the finals.