Players in the BADL are required to purchase a yearly membership for $25.00 which allows them to play in any, or all, of the three seasons (fall, winter and summer).  BADL membership also allows participation in ADO events and qualifiers, and members-only events.

To be eligible for the playoffs, you must be a paid BADL member, and you must have played 5 out of 10 regular season weeks OR the final 4 weeks of the season.  Substitute players who are not paid BADL members, are not eligible for the playoffs even if they have played the required number of weeks.


Individuals and Team award winners will receive trophies and/or plaques. There are no cash payouts for seasonal league play.


You are not eligible for awards unless you are a paid BADL member. Substitute players that are not paid BADL members, are also not eligible for awards.

New bars/restauraunts that sponsor a dart team for the first time will receive one new dartboard for each team they sponsor.  Boards will be replaced when needed, as determined by the BADL Executive Board.


Dartboards belong to the bar. While the team may manage its use during the season, it remains with the bar after the season.