Classification of Players

Players have been classified as A-Flight or B-Flight using the last 2 years data, which will be calculated on a rolling basis moving forward


The formula for the rating factor is Total All-Star Points divided by Total Games played.


These designations were created to ensure competitive balance within the B & C Divisions.


A-Flight Player (75+)
  • May not play/sub on a B Division team where another A-Flight player already exists on that roster. In other words, only 1 A-Flight player on a B Division team.
  • May not play/sub on any C Division team
B-Flight Player (40 - 75)
  • May not play/sub on a C Division team where TWO B-Flight players already exist on that roster.
Divisional Balancing & Divsional Placement of Teams
  • Deeper investigation into the entire makeup of a team's roster will contribute to which division the league places a team for competitive balance.To clarify, if your team has 2 B-Flight players, and 3 non-classified players, it does not mean your team will automatically be in the C Division.That just means your team would not be in violation if placed in the C Division. The league will continue to place teams to accommodate balanced schedules, without breaking the A/B Flight rules above.


**The desigantion of players without stats in the last 2 years will be assigned at the discretion of the BADL


A-Flight Players **Updated Sept 2018**

Aaron Broome
Angelo DiGiulio
Doug Boehm
Ed May
Gerald Lewandowski Jr
Greg Harrington
Harrison Swados
Ian Shaw
Jason McKenzie
Jeff Daminski
Jeff Weiskopff
Jim Graton
Joe Schultz
John Weinreich
Kevin Marcinkowski
Mark Staniszewski
Mike Maracle
Mike Pembleton
Mike Platt
Owen Stuart
Rob Kehoe
Rob Toy
Ron Schmitt
Todd Crans
Willie Walden

B-Flight Players **Updated Sept 2018**

Adam Schiller
Alex Armstrong
Anthony D'Agostino
Bill Evers
Bill Ryan
Brandon Schroeder
Bruce Gostomski
Christian Evers
Cliff Carlson
Colin Cardinale
Dave Fountain
Dave Poltowicz
Dave Skorupski
EJ Johnson
Emily Hornung
Fran Haley Jr
Giulio Macchioni
Grant Swados
Jerry Lewandowski III
Jim Godfrey
Jim Voros
Jimmy Cardinale
Joe Haeick
John Fleck
John Niwinski
John Zawadzki
Jon West
Keith Bogdan
Keith Kanowski
Keith Macomber
Kevin McCarthy
Kevin Whipple
Liam Friedman
Louis Morreale
Mark Conti
Mark Gierke
Mark Hoey
Mark Skeels
Matt Cline
Mike Dibiase
Mike Horan
Mike Platt
Mike Skeels
Miles Meiler
Paul Stuart
Peter Harting
Richard Schultz
Richie Incorvaia
Rick Prince
Rick Rohloff
Ron Andrzejewski
Sean Stuart
Shawn Sklener
Spencer Shipley
Tim McNaughton
Tom Sciarrino
Tony Mantione
Travis Shaffer