Bars or restaurants that are sponsoring a team in the BADL can pay their team's sponsorship fee by sending a check to the league, or by clicking on the Buy Now button below and using any major credit card.  The sponsorship fees are $75.00 for the fall season, $75.00 for the winter season, and $50.00 for the summer season.


Please note: Sponsorship fees must be paid by each participating bar BEFORE the start of the first match played at the bar.  If the fee has not been paid before the beginning of the first match, the team whose bar has not paid their sponsorship fee will be subject to a forfeit for that night's match.


For bars that wish to pay their sponsorship fees in the form of a check on the night of the team's first home match, your check must be received by the league by the Friday of that first home game match, otherwise the team will be subject to a forfeit.


BADL Bar Sponsor Fee - Fall 2019

January 2020 - May 2020